About us

Ngumys Fantastic International School is located in Dschang, West Region  of Cameroon.  It  was founded  by Ajaga Nji, a retired Full Professor in the University of Dschang’s Faculty of Agriculture. The school is fully accredited by the appropriate accreditation body in Cameroon.

In 1974, Professor Ajaga Nji  envisioned a school that will advocate equal opportunity,  relevance and excellence to education with the motto: "In Pursuit of Fact, Truth and Reason”..

The school was formed in part to provide a secure and sound educational environment for Ngum Astrid and Mbah Ajaga Nji, Jr.

Ngumys Fantastic International School was authorized for founding and opening by the Minister of Basic Education by Ministerial Order No. 1361/J2/4714/MINEDUB/SG/DSEPB of November 14, 2008 after it was inaugurated on September 12, 2008 by The Rev. Montoh Simon Voma, campus Chaplain of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and Pastor of Dschang Congregation, who delivered the first Invocation address to the pioneer cohort of 12 pupils.  He called the inaugural badge the "Apostolic Badge".

Some cool and fun facts about NFIS:

  • Ngumys started as a hotel called Hotel Escalier in 2008
  • We are the only elementary school which introduces ICT in kindergarten
  • We love our colours as represented by the school band
  • We are an English only educational institution in a french province
  • We are a self-funding institution